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Various Kinds of Sekomandi Motifs

Weaving Ikat Sekomandi

Currently, there are around 15 (fifteen) original motifs of Sekomandi’ Weaving which are still being made or produced by craftsmen, especially Sekomandi’ Weaving craftsmen in Kalumpang, they are: No. Motif Pattern Meaning 1). Ulu Karua Barinni (Ba’ba Deata) This is the first motif made by the Sekomandi woven craftsmen and means the unity of the […]

Toraja textiles for use in funeral rites

Toraja textiles for use in funeral rites

The best known, and the most visually striking, Sulawesi ikat textiles are those made by the Toraja people, who occupy the mountainous central part of the island. Unfortunately we know little about them, as practically no one paid any attention to them before the onset of the 20th C., and there are few old examples […]